Murder / Homicide

To defend you in a homicide case, you need an attorney that has experience in these complex legal matters.  Mitchell Polay has tried numerous homicide cases and has the experience you need to obtain the best results for you.

Homicide is an act that results in the death of another human being.  Typically, criminal homicide is due to an intentional or unintentional act or the premeditated, reckless or careless behavior on the part of another.

Types of crimes involving homicide include First Degree Murder:  A homicide committed intentionally with premeditation or malice aforethought.

Voluntary Manslaughter:  The intentional killing of a human being when the defendant had no prior intent to kill.

Involuntary Manslaughter:  The unintentional killing of a human being.

Vehicular Manslaughter:  A death that is unintentional and is the result of a reckless driving, such as DUI.

Mitch Polay will review the circumstances of your homicide case and will discuss with you what options you have in regards to achieving a successful outcome.

Mitch Polay will protect your rights immediately.  It is important to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney immediately so that they can begin investigating the charges against you, interviewing witnesses and protecting any evidence from the crime scene immediately.

Mitch Polay has the experience that is needed to defend you in a homicide case.  He has successfully defended homicide cases, including obtaining victories and dismissals in these matters.